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Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts

This programme aims to prepare students to work in the vibrant and ever-growing catering industry, and develop their intellectual and professional competencies to meet the industry’s demand for a new generation of chefs possessing not only multi-culinary and management skills, but also a professional mindset and work attitude. This programme provides a broad range of topics in culinary arts and sciences and clusters of culinary stream specific modules to enhance student’s knowledge and skills in national / international culinary arts and to help them realise their interests and career aspirations. Their learning experience is further enriched with elective modules purposefully designed for further broadening or deepening of their professional knowledge. This programme is also structured to guide students to attain knowledge in culinary niches and develop management know-how in culinary operations and catering businesses in a holistic manner.

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Type: Bachelor
Fee range: Rs 500,000



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