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A Bachelor's Degree is traditionally the primary element of academic higher-education. Generally, it takes three to four years to complete a Bachelor's Degree depending on the area of concentration. One can begin pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in respective fields after completing Higher Secondary Education (+2) or the equivalent.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural
4 Year(s) 0
Agricultural engineering are swiftly evolving fields that integrate the principles of biological and physical sciences and use them to solve agricultural and environmental problems. Engineers in these fields design systems and equipment that increase agricultural productivity and food safety. They also manage and conserve soil, water, air, energy, and other agricultural resources. As an agriculture engineering major, you’ll learn the skills of engineering as they relate to agriculture, food production, and resource conservation Agricultural Engineers apply engineering principles to all activities related to agriculture and horticulture. Improvements in agricultural farm machinery, farm structures, rural electrification, bio-gas, and new technologies in the design and manufacture of agricultural products, are the major jobs handled by agriculture engineers. Go to education page
Bachelor of Dairy Technology
4 Year(s) 0
Upon completion of study of Bachelor of Dairy Technology program., the student will have wide and diversified knowledge not only in food science and technology but also in management science. The skill and qualifications provided through this program means the graduates will be nationally and internationally competent for working as a technologist, scientist, quality controller, educationist and as a manager. The job of food and dairy technologist is highly valued, dignified and is in high demand both nationally and internationally level too. So, there is immense scope of career development opportunities for food and Dairy technologist. Go to education page
Bachelor of Food Technology
4 Year(s) 425,000
Food Technology is the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe, nutritious, and wholesome food. Food scientists and food technologists study the physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup of food. Depending on their area of specialisation, Food Technologists may develop ways to process, preserve, package, or store food, according to industry and government specifications and regulations. Go to education page
Bachelor of Science in Tea Technology and Management
4 Year(s) 0
B.Sc in Tea Technology and Management is an entire new programme in Nepal which is going to be implemented in Mechi Multiple Campus for the first time. Therefore the Bachelor Level Diploma in Tea Technology and Management has been designed for four academic years. Within four academic years the programme has allocated Basic Science Course, Technology Course, Practically based management and field works. Go to education page
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
4 Year(s) 0
The aim of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture program is to train academically competent and practical oriented professional agriculturists. The B. Sc. Agriculture program is an eight semester (four-year) course after I. Sc. (Basic Science) or I. Sc. (Agriculture). In the first three years most of the courses are from basic core agricultural disciplines. In the fourth year, elective courses are offered to provide the students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of their interest. Field practical’s, project works and study visits are part of the academic curriculum. The students must fulfill four years of residential learning to complete the requirements of B. Sc. Ag. curriculum Go to education page
Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
5 Year(s) 0
Veterinary Doctors are closely associated with different livestock production related problems , which are beyond the knowledge and skill of our farmers .The livestock production system both in the rural and commercial sectors cannot be productive and effective without veterinary Support. Knowledge -based production and health management support can make the enterprise successful. Production of clean and hygienic livestock product is essential for general health and nutrition of the population .Prevention of zoonotic diseases if another important field related with public health and eventually make the saying "Healthy Animal , Healthy Man , And Healthy Nation" a reality .Indeed , this is the ultimate goal of the nation . Go to education page
Bachelor of Science in Forestry
4 Year(s) 0
Foresters are professional men and women who understand the many different aspects of managing natural and human elements of forest systems. Forestry requires a broad education. Biological and physical sciences provide the basis for evaluating the complex interactions of forest ecosystems. Social sciences provide understanding of how humans value forest conditions and forest-based products and services. Management sciences help foresters to match human needs and desires with the sustainable capabilities of forests Go to education page
Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Floriculture Management)
4 Year(s) 0
Commercial horticulture is big business in developed countries. There are garden centres in nearly every town and huge public interest in gardening, garden design and plantings. While commercial horticulture includes the production of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants of all types, floriculture, as a specialism of commercial horticulture, concentrates on the production and management of ornamental crops. These include bulbs, cut flowers and foliage, houseplants, dried flowers and grasses. Go to education page