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A Bachelor's Degree is traditionally the primary element of academic higher-education. Generally, it takes three to four years to complete a Bachelor's Degree depending on the area of concentration. One can begin pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in respective fields after completing Higher Secondary Education (+2) or the equivalent.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management
4 Year(s) 0
Bachelor in Hospitality and Catering Management (BHCM) is a four-year- Eight -semester program for total 138 credit hours. It provides the concepts and techniques related to hotel and restaurant operation, international marketing, food preparation and service, financial analysis, accounting, front office operations and handling multicultural team through the exceptional education system, professional instructors, seminar, workshop and industry visit which helps to equip student with necessary knowledge and intellectual and vocational skills to gain employment at supervisory and manager level in hospitality industry. Go to education page
Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts
This programme aims to prepare students to work in the vibrant and ever-growing catering industry, and develop their intellectual and professional competencies to meet the industry’s demand for a new generation of chefs possessing not only multi-culinary and management skills, but also a professional mindset and work attitude. This programme provides a broad range of topics in culinary arts and sciences and clusters of culinary stream specific modules to enhance student’s knowledge and skills in national / international culinary arts and to help them realise their interests and career aspirations. Their learning experience is further enriched with elective modules purposefully designed for further broadening or deepening of their professional knowledge. This programme is also structured to guide students to attain knowledge in culinary niches and develop management know-how in culinary operations and catering businesses in a holistic manner. Go to education page
Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
4 Year(s) 300,000
Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) is a Four years' full time semester system course designed to produce professional human resource for the dynamically growing travel and tourism sector of Nepal. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to handle international tourist service operations including, handling, managing and planning tour, trek and rafting programs; domestic and international air ticketing; appreciate tourism development planning; implement sustainable tourism management policies; and be able to purser further advanced course in travel and tourism management. Will have gained an understanding of travel and tourism and its operation both theoretically and practically. Go to education page
Bachelor of Hotel Management
4 Year(s) 575,000 -
Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) is one of the most sought and desired degrees by the students all around the world. This course provides training and skill developments to meet the needs of people seeking employment in management positions in the Hotel Industry. The successful completion of Bachelor in Hotel Management provides rewarding academic Hotel career ahead. The curriculum for BHM is structured to produce a Hotel Professional, after the successful completion of the course. Go to education page
Bachelor in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
4 Year(s) 570,000 -
Bachelor’s Degree in International Hospitability & Tourism Management is four year programme is designed to emphasis the importance of Operational Management within the context of commercial-realism. Upon the completion of four years,student receives a Bachelor Degree in International Hospitability and Tourism Management from Queen Margaret University, UK. This course focus mainly the Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage Service, and Food production. Go to education page
Bachelor of Business Administration in Travel and Tourism
4 Year(s) 0
Today it is the world's largest generator of jobs. The Nepalese government has accorded tourism as a high priority sector of national economy, basically in view of its employment generation and foreign exchange earning potentials.The need for well-trained managers in this vast and diverse field encompassing -- hotel and resort services, passenger transportation, marketing, finance and operations, and human resource development -- has never been more critical . Go to education page
Bachelor's Degree in Torurism Studies
4 Year(s) + 6 Months 0
The program is aimed at to familiarizing you with varied aspects of tourism, Creating awareness about tourism,imparting basic/specialized training in organizing tourism services,open career opportunities and Encourage self entrepreneurship. This program like other Bachelor’s Degree Programs, has a 3 structure comprising foundation, elective and application oriented courses. Students will need to complete 96 credits. Go to education page