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A Bachelor's Degree is traditionally the primary element of academic higher-education. Generally, it takes three to four years to complete a Bachelor's Degree depending on the area of concentration. One can begin pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in respective fields after completing Higher Secondary Education (+2) or the equivalent.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication
3 Year(s) 200,000
BA in Journalism and Mass Communication enable students to appreciate and discuss the importance of studying journalism and mass communication in relation to mass media. They will be able to apply mass communication principles and have insight into communication issues through application in the practical fields. Students gain insight into the history, laws and ethical issues of media functioning, including management and organization understanding of news operation and editing and identify major trends in national and global media, raise issues with information flow system and define systems that govern the role and operation of journalism activity. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Flim Studies
3 Year(s) 0
The study of a film is different from other subjects. Therefore technical and thereotical knowledge must be combined together for a better film study. Life is like a motion picture and it explores the aspects of life, where we can explore all the sentiments and reality of life. That is why motion picture is the most important study or subject to awake the society and the country. Film study makes everyone to understand the reality of life. Film study creates the environment to convey messages to the people who are quite sleep and helps to wake them up for understanding culture and society. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies
4 Year(s) 0
The Bachelor in Media Studies is an intensive four-year program of Kathmandu University. Besides consolidating knowledge in the discipline area, the students will get opportunities to broaden their understanding of the uses of information technology, appreciate the relevance of other allied subjects as useful for a media graduate, have an overview of subjects as diverse as statistics and philosophy, develop a strong base of communication skills, media literacy and an ability to carry out project works independently. Go to education page
Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Communication
4 Year(s) 0
After the two foundation years of exploratory art studios, students who wish to start a career as creative professionals in arts opt for BFA Graphic Communication from 3rd year onward. BFA Graphic Communication is designed for developing the clarity of concepts, strategies and responsibilities for powerful design sense. A larger focus is given to the development and production of various print-designs. Newly introduced Design Studio courses intend to provide experimental and exploratory approach towards other avenues of design industry. Students choose Illustration, Photography or Extra Traditional Art Practice as an Elective course. In the final semester, students work on their independent projects to put a group show and undertake internship professional organizations. Go to education page