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A Bachelor's Degree is traditionally the primary element of academic higher-education. Generally, it takes three to four years to complete a Bachelor's Degree depending on the area of concentration. One can begin pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in respective fields after completing Higher Secondary Education (+2) or the equivalent.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
Bachelor of Arts in Geography
3 Year(s) 0
Geography is a wide-ranging discipline. It encompasses social, physical, biophysical and environmental sciences and the humanities. Applied geography offers avenues for study within physical and human geography. Geographers strive to understand how the Earth works and how humans interact with the Earth and with each other at a range of geographical scales. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in History
3 Year(s) 0
Bachelor of Arts in History (BA) and a Bachelor of Science in History (BS). Both degrees allow students a wide variety of options at graduation including careers in private business or government service, additional professional training in history and other areas including law and library science, and careers in public history (most commonly museum or archival work). Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and anthiology
3 Year(s) 0
The major Sociology and Anthropology courses for the three-year Bachelor's level are designed to make the students familiar with the disciplines of Sociology and Anthropology and thereby make them able to analyze social and cultural institutions and process. It introduces students with important theoretical approaches and enables them to explore and interpret the meaning of social events and process from different perspectives, familiarize with the structure of Nepali society and culture, dominant global perspective on development and comprehend and analyze the unfolding developmental processes in Nepal. It also provides students with basic knowledge and skills required to undertake research studies in the fields of sociology and Anthropology. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Conflict and Peace Studies
4 Year(s) 0
Conflict and peace studies are a rapidly growing field that includes areas as diverse as international relations, ethnic and religious conflict and interpersonal communication. At the heart of many of the different subtopics is the concern with conflict resolution and prevention. The Bachelor of Arts in Conflict and Peace Degree is thus designed to help students explore why conflict and violence occur and learn how conflict can be managed and transformed to accomplish constructive ends. Equally significant is the fact that peace studies are an essential skill in every day life to achieve peaceful co-existence economically, socially, politically and spiritually. Peace making is a skill, like literacy, which we must begin to learn now. This programme is an endeavour to provide that literacy. Go to education page