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A Bachelor's Degree is traditionally the primary element of academic higher-education. Generally, it takes three to four years to complete a Bachelor's Degree depending on the area of concentration. One can begin pursuing Bachelor's Degrees in respective fields after completing Higher Secondary Education (+2) or the equivalent.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
3 Year(s) 0
The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science reflects the goals of a well-rounded, humanistic education. Cultural, historical, and foreign language components distinguish the Bachelor of Arts, as does its focus on knowledge of international and domestic political institutions and processes. Accordingly, courses in international relations, comparative politics, international law and organizations, as well as in Western European and Latin American political systems constitute its core. The Bachelor of Arts is particularly well suited for students who wish to prepare for graduate or law school, as well as for those attracted to careers in foreign policy analysis, foreign service, military service, intelligence analysis, or as a consultant for international business and industry. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit
3 Year(s) 0
B.A. Sanskrit or Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit is an undergraduate Sanskrit course. It concerns with the field of arts and covers the area regarding Sanskrit literature: Society, Poetry, Prose, Drama, Novels, Grammar etc. B.A is generally three year degree course. Time duration may be different from university to university. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies
4 Year(s) 0
The Bachelor in Media Studies is an intensive four-year program of Kathmandu University. Besides consolidating knowledge in the discipline area, the students will get opportunities to broaden their understanding of the uses of information technology, appreciate the relevance of other allied subjects as useful for a media graduate, have an overview of subjects as diverse as statistics and philosophy, develop a strong base of communication skills, media literacy and an ability to carry out project works independently. Go to education page
Bachelor of Interior Design
3 Year(s) 0
Bachelor in Interior Design (BID) program provides three years of full-time study, to students wishing to pursue a professional career related to built environments. Interior design requires an understanding of building construction, lighting, colour and furniture, as well as the ability to work with a range of professionals. This program focuses as much on technical and design elements as it does on developing the organizational and interpersonal skills to be work-ready after you graduate. Go to education page
Bachelor in Liberal Arts And Science
4 Year(s) 0
Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS) is a four-year (eight-semester) 120 credit hours undergraduate program with a multidisciplinary curriculum. Courses have been selected from various key areas and rest of the general courses enhances the five different core areas.The BLAS program aims to develop students into socially responsive professionals capable of handling problems and challenges facing the contemporary society. The program aims at developing socialized professionals capable of taking modern challenges in the world of media and development. The course has been designed in such a manner that students can pursue higher level studies in Economics, Management, Political Science, Sociology, History, English Literature, Human Rights, Culture, Mass Communication, Conflict Management & Peace, and Psychology. Go to education page
Bachelor in Media Technology (BMT)
3 Year(s) 0
Bachelor in Media Technology is a three year program under Purbanchal University. The course is divided in six semesters. Each semester carries a load of minimum 18 and maximum 21 credits. However, there are 36 subject-topics in the whole program besides five weeks industrial internship equivalent to 3 credit hours. Go to education page
Bachelor of Social Work
3 Year(s) 177,000 -
The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program prepares students for entry-level practice in social work. Social Work is one of the helping professions committed to improving people’s lives. Social workers may assist people in dealing with their relationships, in solving personal and family problems, or in improving the environment in their community. Social workers focus on social problems and the individual difficulties that arise from these social problems. These problems may include domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment, poor or no housing, disability, and serious illness. Most social workers work in organizations or agencies whose missions focus on helping people deal with one of more of these social problems in their lives. Go to education page
Bachelor of Development Studies
4 Year(s) 530,000
Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS) is a four year, (eight- semester) professional program. This program aims in building students’ capacity for the promotion of sustainable development.Specific features of this program are: A demand-driven and result-oriented academic program A flexible curriculum responsive to dynamism of development Its interdisciplinary framework incorporates concepts and theories of field such as Development, Economics, Socio-Anthropology, Ecology and Environment Management, Research Methods and Project Analysis. Its global and comparative perspective Its focus on contemporary issues and debates. Rigorous analytical and issue based assessments Field visits to apply theories learned in the classroom to the real work . Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Northern Buddhism
Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit Buddhism
Bachelor of Arts in Conflict and Peace Studies
4 Year(s) 0
Conflict and peace studies are a rapidly growing field that includes areas as diverse as international relations, ethnic and religious conflict and interpersonal communication. At the heart of many of the different subtopics is the concern with conflict resolution and prevention. The Bachelor of Arts in Conflict and Peace Degree is thus designed to help students explore why conflict and violence occur and learn how conflict can be managed and transformed to accomplish constructive ends. Equally significant is the fact that peace studies are an essential skill in every day life to achieve peaceful co-existence economically, socially, politically and spiritually. Peace making is a skill, like literacy, which we must begin to learn now. This programme is an endeavour to provide that literacy. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations‎
4 Year(s) 0
Bachelor of Arts in International relation is 4 years program offer by mid western university. Go to education page
Bachelor in Development Economics
4 Year(s) 0
Bachelor of arts in development Economics 4 years course offer by mid western university. Go to education page
Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts
This programme aims to prepare students to work in the vibrant and ever-growing catering industry, and develop their intellectual and professional competencies to meet the industry’s demand for a new generation of chefs possessing not only multi-culinary and management skills, but also a professional mindset and work attitude. This programme provides a broad range of topics in culinary arts and sciences and clusters of culinary stream specific modules to enhance student’s knowledge and skills in national / international culinary arts and to help them realise their interests and career aspirations. Their learning experience is further enriched with elective modules purposefully designed for further broadening or deepening of their professional knowledge. This programme is also structured to guide students to attain knowledge in culinary niches and develop management know-how in culinary operations and catering businesses in a holistic manner. Go to education page
Bachelor of Arts in Laws
5 Year(s) 0
n order to make legal education compatible with changed national and international context, Tribhuvan University, Faculty of law has introduced five years (BALLB) courses from 2010. The course basically aims to enrich law students with comprehensive theoritical and practical knowledge in indigenous as well as foreign legal traditions, lawyering skills, and research to meet the challenges of the age. Nepal Law Campus has a five year B.A.LL.B. Programme. This programme is conducted in full fees scheme as self sustained programme. The language of instruction and examination is exclusively English. This is a complete and full time five years course. Students must be dedicated & be regular in whole five years course and must be presented in each class. Minimum 80 % attendance is must to attain the final exam. Classes will be conducted in day time. A teaching period is of 1 hour for each subject. The number of classes shall be of 4 hours for 100 marks and 2 hours for 50 marks subjects per week. Teaching strategies consist of lecture, case study, discussion, question-answer, problem solving, research, seminar, workshop, tutorial and self-study. The important feature of teaching include inter-disciplinary approaches, participatory and instructional materials include power point, overhead projector, white board, note books, teaching guides, case materials etc as required. Annual examination system is applied for this programme. Go to education page
Bachelor(Hons) in Fashion & Retailing
3 Year(s) 0
The courseware is a blend of state-of-the-art technology, basic concepts and constant interaction with global attitudes and trends.With stress on multimedia instructional methods, the students are exposed to creative merchandising, marketing, CAD and orientation of the fashion trends through field visits and project works presentation to the industry. For fashion,art and illustration,computer aided designing makes a dramatic facility to visualize a design concept,plot pattern and modify sketches for improving the cut and color blend.A designer can edit colors and silhouettes,reduce hemline or drop a collar,all with the stroke of an airbrush. Computer aided commercial graphic design program,the computer aided course structure incorporates constant innovation and up ate mandatory for creative versatility.The training and course structure emphasizes on software orientation, competence and professional excellence,Career opportunities are wide,One can join as a Production Manager, Merchandising Manager, Garment Manufacturing Technology, Illustrator,Stylist,Pattern Maker,Boutique Manager,Jewellery Designer,Footwear Designer, Fashion Photographer,Fashion Coordinator etc. Go to education page
Bachelor of Art in Interior Architecture
3 Year(s) 0
The Interior Design Program curriculum is a comprehensive program combining theoretical elements of interior design with practical creative approaches to the solution of functional and aesthetic design problems in the living, working and recreational human environment.Competencies developed by the program include architectural drafting,illustration and presentation skills (including presentation boards and perspective drawing),design proficiency and a Working knowledge of the materials, resources and business procedures pertaining to the interior design profession. An interior designer combines knowledge with aesthetic vision in order to work with clients and other design professionals to develop design solutions that are safe,functional,attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space, Getting employment is not a problem for any student after successful completion of the course since a lot of architectural firms,interior designers,builders,promoters, furniture manufactures and large corporate houses are easy takers for such students & also they can work as freelancer designer or they can open their consultancy. Go to education page
Bachelor of Social Science
4 Year(s) 530,000
Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) is a new unique program designed to address the holistic study of social sciences. It focuses on the dynamics of the society and the social change incorporating the subjects like Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science and Governance. This program reflects the contemporary dynamics of Nepalese and global society. Go to education page
Bachelor of Fine Arts STUDIO ART
4 Year(s) 0
After two years of exploratory studios in various areas of arts in the Foundation years, students motivated to start a career as professional artists opt for BFA Studio Art from 3RD Year onward. Throughout the Specialization years, the Studio Art provides an in-depth investigation and knowledge into the advanced level of drawing, painting and other forms of art practices. During this two years (four Semesters) of BFA Studio Art, students will be encouraged to explore different visual media to match their imagination. Students choose Illustration, Photography or Extra Traditional Art Practice as an Elective course. In the final semester, students work on their final independent projects to put a group show. Go to education page
Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic Communication
4 Year(s) 0
After the two foundation years of exploratory art studios, students who wish to start a career as creative professionals in arts opt for BFA Graphic Communication from 3rd year onward. BFA Graphic Communication is designed for developing the clarity of concepts, strategies and responsibilities for powerful design sense. A larger focus is given to the development and production of various print-designs. Newly introduced Design Studio courses intend to provide experimental and exploratory approach towards other avenues of design industry. Students choose Illustration, Photography or Extra Traditional Art Practice as an Elective course. In the final semester, students work on their independent projects to put a group show and undertake internship professional organizations. Go to education page