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Technical Diploma

A Technical Diploma course is equivalent to +2 levels. Generally, technical diploma programs take between 2 and 3 years to complete. One can begin a technical diploma after completing secondary education. Technical Diplomas are useful for those interested in very specific subjects, like Civil Engineering, Nursing, or Architecture.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
Diploma in Hotel Management
3 Year(s) 151,000 -
Hospitality industry lies under the travel and tourism industry. It is the largest industry in term of employment which is exemplified by the fact that one out of every eight human resources is engaged in this sector. The hospitality industry is diverse and it extends around the world. The diploma in hotel management course produces knowledgeable and skilled workforce for these establishments. It will also help in entrepreneur development. Go to education page
Diploma in Bakery
1,027 Hours 0
The focus of this course will be an introduction to culinary history with emphasis on baking and pastry, instruction in principles and procedures of basic equipment and its use and beginning fundamentals of baking. Contemporary employment options in this field include a restaurant, specialty (e.g. wedding cakes), retail and wholesale careers. Early in the morning, while most of you are still sleeping, our bakers are busy preparing the delicious assortment of fresh-baked treats that have helped make GATE a popular college and a great local bakery. Go to education page