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Professional Courses

All training offered outside the standard academic setting but also outside CTEVT. Usually these trainings are after "+2." Nevertheless, on a case by case basis it could vary. Professional courses are courses that lead to a professional qualification and may enable one to evolve in one's respective job. For example, Course of Chartered Accountant and different Language courses.

Course Duration Fee (Rs)
German Language
1 Year(s) 0
In German Language classes you can learn .... Go to education page
French Language
1 Year(s) 0
French Language is as one of the languages, which are regulated in the European Framework for languages. Go to education page
Course of Chartered Accountant
5 Year(s) 0
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal has design chartered accountant courses in three level CAP I, CAP II, and CAP III. CAP I- It is also call foundation course which is one year duration. The course has been designed to provide students basic knowledge and skill as part of the entry standard for the professional level. CAP II- It is the second stage of Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - II Course is one year. The course has been basically designed with an aim of providing students with requisite knowledge and skills in the subject. CAP III- It is the final stage of Chartered Accountancy Course. The duration of CAP - III / Final Course is three year. This course along with the practical training is basically designed to give the students a deeper insight into advanced level of professional expertise and skills. During the final level course, students should undergo paid article ship training for the period of three years under a practicing Chartered Accountant. Go to education page
Culinary Courses
2 Year(s) + 6 Months 350,000
Students in a culinary arts program will learn to prepare food and learn about food safety. Students learn how to make recipes as well as how to create their own.The program teaches students to cook, preparing them to work in a range of restaurants. This may help the individual to advance in his or her career path. Go to education page