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Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries can include factories, small scale manufacturing units. They usually hire people from a technical background as well as engineers and technicians.

Jobs in a Manufacturing industries

Below are occupations available in a manufacturing industries. Not all shown occupations are completely distinct to a manufacturing industries. Illustrated below, along with jobs only found in a manufacturing industries, are a few moderately related and general jobs that are found in (but not limited to) a manufacturing industries.

Job relation to employer Access without SEE
Automobile Engineer
Automobile Engineers or Automotive Engineers are a part of Mechanical Engineering. Automobile Engineers work closely with other engineers to improve automotive technical performance, vehicle aesthetics, and automotive software.The engineers use the application of automotive technology, where they specialise in vehicle designing, repairing, testing and assembling. In this job they work in safety, quality management and control, automotive analytics as well as assembling and installation of various automobiles.


Very High:This job is very high in demand. You can easily find employment or will be able to sell your service easily as a self employed person.
IT Quality Assurance
moderately related
The titles of workers in Quality Assurance positions usually include inspectors, testers Inspectors are responsible for testing the software, webpage as well as fix codes and bugs. Testers use special methods to test products to be sure they are not faulty.


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