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A hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized medical and nursing staff and medical equipment. The best-known type of hospital is the general hospital, which typically has an emergency department to treat urgent health problems ranging from fire and accident victims to a heart attack. A district hospital typically is the major health care facility in its region, with large numbers of beds for intensive care and additional beds for patients who need long-term care.

Jobs in a Hospital

Below are occupations available in a hospital. Not all shown occupations are completely distinct to a hospital. Illustrated below, along with jobs only found in a hospital, are a few moderately related and general jobs that are found in (but not limited to) a hospital.

Job relation to employer Access without SEE
Facility Manager
The facility manager is responsible for the security, maintenance, and services of work facilities to ensure that they meet the needs of the organization and its employees. Facility Manages are employed in both the private and public sectors and may work in office buildings, retail buildings, schools, hospital or any other large premises.


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