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A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a group of people from different countries acting together, but not connected with the government of any country. Usually non-governmental organizations are non-profit - that is, they are trying to do something other than make money for the people who run them. They include organisations such as 'Oxfam' and 'World Vision'.

Jobs in a Ngos

Below are occupations available in a ngos. Not all shown occupations are completely distinct to a ngos. Illustrated below, along with jobs only found in a ngos, are a few moderately related and general jobs that are found in (but not limited to) a ngos.

Job relation to employer Access without SEE
Project Coordinator
A project coordinator is an administrative professional who ensures that the people and resources devoted to completing a goal are used appropriately. Sometimes also called a project facilitator, he/she is typically expected to manage a combination of responsibilities, including managing scheduling and communication among team members, coordinating meeting materials and assisting member with transportation or relocation if necessary.


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