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Old age homes

Old age home refers to the home that is made for the better caring of the old people where they feel comfortable with their own age people by sharing each other problem with each other.

Jobs in a Old age homes

Below are occupations available in a old age homes. Not all shown occupations are completely distinct to a old age homes. Illustrated below, along with jobs only found in a old age homes, are a few moderately related and general jobs that are found in (but not limited to) a old age homes.

Job relation to employer Access without SEE
A Hindu priest performs worship services (generally referred to as puja) which include ceremonies and rituals. Typical Hindu rituals and ceremonies may include daily deity worship (ie. archana, homa or aarti), special deity celebrations (ie. Durga Puja, Shiva Abhishekham or Govardhan Puja), special ceremonies (ie. vahana puja or navagraha puja) and life sacrament ceremonies (samskaras or weddings, pre-birth, sacred thread and last rites, to name a few). Many worship services are performed onsite at a Hindu temple or organization site. Others may be performed off-site.


Elderly People Caretaker
Elderly caretakers assist individuals with daily activities -- such as bathing or dressing -- inside a client’s home or at an assisted-living facility.


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