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Shradha Institute of Health Science

Shradha Institute of Health Science (SIHS), affiliated to CTEVT is providing education for health interested students from 2057 B.S. It is one of the leading medical colleges situated at Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur.

Established in: 2057

Location & Contact

Phone: 01-6631613, 2133223, 6632394
Location: Thimi, BalkumariBhaktapur

Type of College:Private

Affiliated to


Estd:1989 Constituted School:22 Annex School:8 Affiliation:150 +

Available Courses

Course Duration Fee (Rs) Seats Scholarships
Diploma in Nursing
3 Year(s) 396,360 40
The Diploma in Nursing is designed to provide academic and clinical preparation in nursing. In addition to a comprehensive nursing theory and practice content, it utilizes a strong foundation in biological and behavioural sciences, research and management of a wide variety of illnesses, to prepare nurses to make significant contributions to the health of individual and family, and professional nursing practice. Go to education page
Merit based: 2
Quota: 2
Rural: 0
Diploma in Pharmacy
3 Year(s) 281,656 40
Pharmacy or Pharmacology is one of the main disciplines under Biomedical Science and the pharmaceutical industry. It is the profession responsible for the preparation,dispensing and appropriate use of medication and which provides services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Pharmacy is a scientific profession requiring a high level of education and training.

Pharmacy degrees including Diploma in Pharmacy (Pharmacy Assistant level) are approved by the Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC), to ensure that students have received appropriate education for their professional registration and subsequent development and careers. Go to education page
Merit based: 2
Quota: 2
Rural: 0