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NPI Narayani Samudayik Nursing College

NPI Narayani Samudayik Hospital and Research Center aims to be National level teaching hospital and excellent research center and to produce middle level health manpower.

It is located in Hospital Road 10, Bharatpur, Chitwan. It offers Health Assistant and PCL Nursing program with affiliation from CTEVT.

Location & Contact

Phone: 056-524161, 056-533133
Location: BharatpurChitwan

Type of College:Private

Affiliated to


Estd:1989 Constituted School:22 Annex School:8 Affiliation:150 +

and also

Purbanchal University

Available Courses

Course Duration Fee (Rs) Seats Scholarships
Diploma in Nursing
3 Year(s) 396,360 40
The Diploma in Nursing is designed to provide academic and clinical preparation in nursing. In addition to a comprehensive nursing theory and practice content, it utilizes a strong foundation in biological and behavioural sciences, research and management of a wide variety of illnesses, to prepare nurses to make significant contributions to the health of individual and family, and professional nursing practice. Go to education page
Merit based: 0
Quota: 0
Rural: 0