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Mid Western University School of Contemporary Studies

The School of Contemporary Studies of Mid-western University is committed to excellence in scholarship, expand ‎high quality and innovative teaching and learning, and promote the universal values of ‎human dignity, freedom of expression and pursuit of knowledge, for the ultimate goal of ‎advancing the collective understanding and increase the social good.‎

The School seeks to impart high quality education with a holistic approach in order to ‎enhance the capabilities of the students and contribute to the overarching development ‎and advancement of the nation. It also strives to create an intellectually stimulating and ‎culturally diverse environment that prepares competent professionals and leaders who ‎are able to use a variety of methodologies, skills and strategies necessary to provide ‎effective and creative solutions in Nepal and worldwide. ‎

The School of Contemporary Studies aims at strengthening the University’s capacities in ‎learning, teaching and research in the field of humanities and social sciences by promoting ‎the development of the students and of their competencies by fostering critical thinking ‎skills, enhancing students’ creativity, preparing them for professional careers and ‎exposing them to an integrated approach of the relevant social, economic, political and ‎cultural components of the human development.‎

The School seeks to implement these purposes by pursuing specific core strengths, which ‎are: scholarship, creativity, academic freedom and accountability, creation and ‎disseminations of new knowledge, social and cultural relevance, diversity and flexibility ‎across the disciplines. These core strengths find full application in an environment which ‎is cultural diverse, respectful of diversity and human dignity and inclusive of all individual ‎and collective effort.‎

Established in: 2010

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Phone: 083-520309, 520228, 524275
Location: BirendranagarSurkhet

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Mid Western University

Estd:2010 Students:3000

Available Courses

Course Duration Fee (Rs) Seats Scholarships
Bachelor of Arts in Nepali
3 Year(s) (not set) (not set)
Bachelor of arts in Nepali is three year courses. Go to education page
Merit based: 0
Quota: 0
Rural: 0
Bachelor of Arts in English
3 Year(s) (not set) (not set)
The major English courses for the three-year Bachelor's level are designed to link up with and develop the I.A. major English courses in English. The particular addition to the B.A. syllabus is the introduction of literary theory. The component includes major western foundational essays from the Greeks to the modern times. The rationale of these courses is to give students tools for systematic study and understanding of texts, and help them apply the tools in appreciating literary and other texts critically and creatively. Moreover, these courses attempt at inculcating in students a spirit of inquiry, logical reasoning and a taste for reading good literature. Furthermore, the courses look forward to the M.A. courses and prepare the groundwork for a more critical and detailed study of literature and other human disciplines at the post graduate level. Go to education page
Merit based: 0
Quota: 0
Rural: 0